Thursday, 14 January 2010

weird stuff

Running around done today, I have knitting machines in the back of the car. Now need to lug them upstairs to the studio and they are heavy buggers.
I also got a bit of opping done. A few more framed tapestries for the collection- some to keep and some to use- and a stunner left for me at the shop by Charlotte! A flamingo! This one is a keeper!
I also scored an embroidered friendship tablecloth at the Salvo's. It isn't a totally traditional 'friendship' piece as it hasn't been sighed by individuals, rather one person has written the names of everyone who was there. Oh and the other thing is.... it's covered in sayings from the Bible. Anna thinks it is incredibly creepy. I find it a bit crazy. We are both agreed that I should pop it in the 'Archive'.
And the cushion above..... well I didn't buy it but I had to get a picture. Yes it is real fur. If you are interested in it drop me a line and I'll let you know where it can be found.

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