Friday, 22 January 2010

it's fryerstown time again

Every Australia Day weekend it's time for the Fryerstown Antique Market.
I hit the road today in the muggy heat and checked out every stall. It wasn't that great this year and the reports I heard later were that everyone was a bit disappointed. But it's worth it for the CFA sausage sizzle and flies.

I tromped through the dust and got coated. There is nothing like getting home and washing off that fine goldfields powder. Even my shoes ended up in the shower.

It's dried out a lot although in some paddocks there is a layer of green under the parched stalks from the last fall of rain we had. It was overcast the whole way and even with sunscreen I still have slightly burnt bits. I am sitting here wishing the cool change would come through, tired from the driving as I did the loop and headed back through Hepburn Springs and Daylesford to pick some stuff up. 
I also visited A Day on Earth (as did Allison today I see) and I have to say how shockingly disappointed I was- although I was never impressed by David Bromley's old shop in Daylesford- or indeed his artwork. Finishes and patinas stripped off great furniture and objects which have then been refinished really badly. Breaks my heart. (Oh and I hate shops that don't actually know what they are selling and just make it up.) He's a full on self-publicist though, something I both admire and loathe in quite a few people who seem to get the publicity needed to run a business these days (but that is another story for another day). I think I am dehydrated, although I have managed to down at least 4 litres of water today, and certainly tired beyond belief. Shopgirl Saturday tomorrow so bed calls.

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