Tuesday, 5 January 2010

aisle be seeing you

Yesterday I had to go out to Footscray and I got to have a play in one of those crazy Asian variety stores. I saw wobbling plastic lobsters on sticks and bead curtains painted with grazing deer and shelves and shelves of cooking stuff. In amongst all this crockery I found the last two enamel platters to go with the Enamel Collection. I had forgotten how much fun these shops are. So full of crap! And sometimes it's useful crap! 
I still can't quite bring myself getting completely back in the swing of things. I got three hours of painting in this morning and I'm not far off finishing painting the 'backyard'. I've just got the top ladder climbing five courses of bricks to go. So close! And I've managed, after three months, to finally fix the lock on the backgate, now I can go in and out, excellent.
Tomorrow I'll be heading up country to deliver glove yarn and start the preparations for winter 2010. Hopefully this week I'll also be doing a swap and getting a new workhorse knitting machine to replace the one I damaged last winter (which is why there were so few scarves last year). And I still have summer work to do. And I'm going to a wedding next week and I have nothing to wear. Really I'd quite like to hide out for the next couple weeks, curl up under the quilt and hibernate. I'm still out of whack. Tired. January can be a right bugger of a month.

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  1. Oh! I DO miss those crazy Asian variety discount stores. A trip to Footscray and there's a day's entertainment right there! And a quality 'country town' op-shop. I scored an excellent pair of pinking shears for $10 in Portarlington whilst in Victoria for Christmas. Yay!


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