Sunday, 8 November 2009

sun day

As you may know I hate this weather.
I'm as far from being a summery type person as is possible. Especially hot and humid. Around here it equals red and sweaty. Mind you when it's hot and dry I am actually quite sparky and pleasant to be around.
This morning I scooted down to Sophia Mundi for the fete, a bit quiet this year with lots of hats and sun-screen out. I always forget how busy it is down at the Convent these days. There was even a wedding being set up in one courtyard. It feels like a corner of France and I always feel a little disorientated when I leave. 

I got to check out Coco's class room and her amazing assignment on snow leopards. Each child chose an animal and put together a book on their subject, made a clay sculpture and a needle felt critter. Sorry for the bad photo, her mum's hand was shaking too much!

Cleaning got put on hold (again) as I had to get a proposal written this afternoon. Well and truly procrastinated on that one and now I'll have to run around tomorrow to get the last stuff together and get it delivered. Oooops. Think it's ok. Oh well. Typical.

Definitely need a nap now.
And some way to get the house clean whilst I nap. I seem to have mislaid the 'self-clean' button. Damn.


  1. How Hot exactly? It's a high temp of 38 here in Alice, and it's really just warming up, if that makes you feel any better.. Still Melbourne Hot does have a muggy yuckiness all of it's own, and aircon isn't standard....I've been known (in Melbourne) to sit in a dark room, in my bikinis in front of the fan, on highest setting, watching movies such as "The Ice Storm"!

  2. 34º, no air conditioning
    'Fargo' is always good for overhot nights!

  3. I like it there!

    I had a good time at the Collingwood Children's Farm next door too!

    Frosty here this morning, lit the fire and now reading the papers thinking about the housework...snort!

    Sarah x

  4. I always feel discombobulated after leaving the convent. It really is like going to another country. Sorry I missed the fair -spotty still can't leave the house!

  5. we went,
    we walked,
    we melted!

    oh my god the word verification is draculas... now that is a first!


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