Sunday, 15 November 2009


I've been meaning to change the window display for weeks. 
I was hoping to hold out for at least another week before we went all Xmas-y but there seemed no reason to do a new window then change it all again in another week. So welcome to Xmas.

Jethro of course needed to oversee the whole set up.
(Much to the amusement of passers-by.)

That was exhausting (and perhaps boring) so after trying to get me to move the piled up quilts that were on the top of the tea-towel shoppers, his preferred sleeping position, by knocking half of them on the floor, he retired to a basket of gloves.

Then there was the exciting opening up of the boxes of vintage Xmas decorations. And sitting in a nest of shredded paper and running through bubble wrap.

So Xmas has sort of arrived at the Cottage. The shop looked/looks like the Mongol Hordes have come through on a shopping bus tour but things should be sorted by Wednesday. The window is doilied trees and crocheted snowflakes. I like the whole northern hemisphere Xmas thing, all dark and cold and glittery and smelling of spices- it all makes much more sense than sunshine, heat and blowflies.


  1. Gorgeous window! And supervisor, too. He is blessed with plenty of fur and would not be out of place here in the Northern Hemisphere... I love Northern Christmases but I'm glad we're coming to the Southern Hemisphere not long after. It's soooo cold and miserable at the moment, smells more like damp wool than spices.

  2. I love the vintage decorations - we had them in my childhood and last year I bought a box of them in an op shop for a dollar.
    Going to experience the Northern Hemisphere Christmas this year and can't wait!

  3. Clearly another window winner, and such great directorial assistance by Jethro...really you should think about contacting Myers next year, i'm sure he'd come up with a killer Christmas extravaganza!

  4. Walked past last night, it looks amazing. I'm coming in to get my fix of crochet snowflakes! So pretty! x


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