Thursday, 12 November 2009


Made my day. David Rawlings new CD. How I love his flatpicking guitar style. If I'm going to have to put up with a boiling hot studio then I need the right music to work to! 
Three straight days on the sewing machine has turned my back into a whole world of hurt. But new dresses are ready, so on to the next project. I need to make sure now that I have five days a week in the studio that I balance it out with other things. Tomorrow morning I think a bit of errand running is in order.


  1. hey, glad the window is fixed I was steeling myself for a disgruntled from Tunbridge Wells phonecall on your behalf!

    Jethro grizzling has tickled me! I grizzle when I am too hot!

    Sarah x

  2. One of the best guitarist's ever!
    I could listen to him all day. Throw in a little Gillian too & they make a great musical couple.


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