Tuesday, 10 November 2009

not happy jan, not happy

Well the window is still not fixed. 

So if your glazier's motto was 'same day repairs' would you be thinking, like, you know, that the freakin' window would be repaired, like, same day as you organised it?
Or that maybe they would ring you to let you know that they couldn't make it?
Am I being unrealistic?
So at 5.45pm I was doing the 'not happy' line over the phone to the boss glazier, the 'you better be here at 8am tomorrow, blah, blah, blah.......'. I always hate getting all mem-sahib but really the damn motto said 'same day'!

Looking at the racks in the shop at the moment is a little depressing. So little summer clothing.
I am panicking! I'm working on a batch of cotton voile tops, edged in vintage blue broderie anglais. They are very pretty but I am feeling nervous about everything I'm working on currently. Perhaps it's just the heat. Hopefully it's just the heat.

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