Monday, 2 November 2009

more milk and sugar

Normal service has been resumed (sort of).
It was a studio day today, although a bit slow going as I probably shouldn't have had that cup of tea at 10.30 last night. I never thought I would get this old and decrepit and need to limit my tea intake after 8pm! At least I am hoping that was the reason and not being a bit stressed and hyped.
I seem to have so many tea-towel products on the go at the moment that I feel like I could close my eyes and see souvenir designs swimming across the inside of my eyelids. I'm frantically (well, today, kind of slow-mo frantically) getting new t-towel shoppers made and bunting and tea-towel jackets. We haven't done the jackets for quite a few years but people have been coming in asking after them and I have some fabric prepped so..... we have tea-towel jackets coming!
And we have a couple of 'milk and sugar' (seersucker) jackets in store too. See photo above.
They are loose with a drawstring at the back to cinch the shape in and have a giant press stud at the front to 'button' the jacket closed.
So many things to work on......... and it's already November!


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  1. on no - don't tempt me! more tea towel lovelies.
    Supposed to be saving hard for my christmas holiday.


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