Tuesday, 3 November 2009

how to make the people at the post office smile

Yesterday I got a home to find an Australia Post reminder to come pick up a parcel. 
So I tootled down to the post office, stood in the queue, handed over the card and waited while the man went out the back to find the parcel. He came back to confab with the post-lady saying he couldn't find it. After reading the card a huge grin spread over her face, she laughed and turned to check out the person who had come to pick up the parcel addressed as follows......

I never get mail like this!
How lovely!
Dear Fran the Seamstress sent me the loveliest letter and two (!) gorgeous and very beautifully made vintage tie brooches. I do have to say I love an 'old skool' letter and Miss Alison knows how to write a damn fine one. 
I've been thinking a lot about letters lately, Bright Star is all about letters and there was the article in the weekend papers a couple of weeks ago about Amish teenagers courting each other with love letters. Just as we are all getting back into making things and giving the handmade, isn't a personal letter, on paper, handwritten or typed with care, one of the highest forms of craft? It takes time, it takes heart and it communicates and connects so deeply.

Thank you Miss Alison. You have made me feel very special.

Oh -and I'll be wearing the spotty one on Thursday.

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  1. What a genius envelope too! I like to imagine my faraways tootling along to the post office to collect things I have sent. I like to decorate the envelopes which embarasses my little brother no end! tee hee.

    Glad you are back on form!

    Sarah x


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