Friday, 6 November 2009


I bought myself a Lomo camera last Xmas. So far I have managed to fire off one and a half rolls. Pathetic really. It even took me months to get the first roll developed and this week I finally got a few images printed up. That was a problem in itself. Gone are the days of enlargers and choice, now it's all automated, scanners and limited possibilities. 
Sometimes technology does not free us.
Especially when you go lo-fi on the camera.
But I kinda like the images, although they looked better as transparencies.
The ghost boy is Felix.
We are related.
He is one of my five nephews.

Sometimes I just forget how nice it is to just do something creative for the fun of it, not to make a living. So much of my creative life is tied in with my everyday professional job and sadly there is often little time or energy left over to just play.

I've got piles of film I should really use.......

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