Tuesday, 10 November 2009


On a lighter note- I am addicted to this.....

Seriously I've tried every g-beer and Bunda-beer is the best. I grew up with home-made ginger beer. There are the family stories of the exploding bottles (when one goes, they all blow) and the batches that went alcoholic. My brother was quite good at brewing it. I don't drink alcohol anymore so ginger beer and lemon-lime-bitters are my tipples of choice. Did you hear there is a Angostura bitter shortage? OMG! What am I to do?!
And if you check the Bundaberg site they even have recipes and other products that I have never seen in shops down here (like 'Burgundee') and they have these.....

Bundaberg Cap Bikes! Hilarious!
The downside to my addiction is the burping. Let 'er rip sister!


  1. Me too! Apart from over here, I have to settle for Old Jamaica ginger beer. Just about as good...

  2. Bloody hell, i've been chugging this like crazy all week - freaky!!!

  3. Bundaberg Cap Bikes! So cute!

  4. me too!! last year me and my partner held an official testing off all ginger beers, blind folds and all, and bundaberg is definitly the best. YUM!


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