Monday, 9 November 2009

would you like ice with that?

It's November. 
We should not be sweltering like this.
I don't think I am going to be able to stand another 5 months plus of this.
I will end up like Little Black Sambo's tigers- a pool of melted butter (or rather- fat).

Note to self- do not leave an open jug of water in the fridge along with a lump of rancid brie, that ice cold water will not be refreshing in the least.

I spent this morning running around like a lunatic organising the last part of the proposal I needed to get in and with no air-con in the car at the moment things were not nice. By midday I was exhausted and ended up heading home with the intention of getting some 'homework' done. Sadly no work done. I did wash the couch cover and a quilt, perfect weather for it, the only thing this weather is good for!

So the studio will be sweaty tomorrow but I really need to get on to all those summer clothes I've been promising everyone. My own little 'sweat shop'.

9.45pm update The other reason I hate hot weather is that everyone on Gertrude St goes a little crazed when the evenings are hot. Some idiot has just smashed one of the panes in the front window, scared the shit out of Jethro who was sleeping on the big table in the middle of the shop and I've had to spend the last 3/4 an hour cleaning up and patching the window. I will now have to organise a glazier in the morning and there goes a couple of hours out of the studio tomorrow. Why? Why? Why? Stupid senseless destruction. Grrrrrrrr.
You'd think I would be used to living in the inner city after all these years.


  1. I hear you about the heat. I can't bear it. So much so that I'm making my family run away to places of rain and maybe snow for a month over Christmas.At least I'll avoid a month of the awfulness.

  2. oh Pen, that's awful, hope Jethro recovers and you dont have too much trouble with the glazier! good luck with the proposal too, have no doubt it's brilliant, as will be the output from your own little sweat shop, perhaps I can send Max around to fan you while you work?
    he'll work for a small bag of fabric scraps...


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