Saturday, 14 November 2009

best laid plans... something about mice and men.....

Here was I thinking that I had a handle on my Saturday morning. All it takes is running into a chatty friend on the way to pick up raspberry danishes at Babka and there goes my plans!
Well that's my excuse for the somewhat dodgy photos today. And not getting to the post office.

The 'Lisette' dress at the top is really very, very pretty and the 'Daisy' drawstring lightweight denim pants are a stronger, more seventies, blue than the grey colour they look like in the pic.
I had washed the pants up last night and needed to run them up to the studio to use the master-blaster-iron. The problem with steam box irons is waiting around for them to get a head of steam up. Bit like me really. (That sounds really wrong somehow...)


  1. Do you s'pose that a pregnant sheila could be accommodated within the Daisy pants? I am running out of options!

  2. Loving the trim on the daisy pants!

    pants of course means something else here, but daisy pants work either way!

    Sarah x


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