Wednesday, 11 November 2009

bottom of the tops

The window was replaced at 8 this morning. Thank goodness.
Poor Dell had a deadly quiet day in the shop today. Damn sweltering weather.
The 'Meralise' tops are done! New dress in store tomorrow evening (hopefully), it's the dress version of this top and I think it is very cute- there is one in the window at the moment, size 2 but more to come. 
The studio is really quite putrid at the moment and it won't cool down again until next winter now. Thinking of rigging up a harness so the fan moves around the room with me. 
Jethro had a huge complaining attack last night. He lay at the top of the stairs and grizzled and meowed about the heat- very funny and cute. 
I have spent the evening sitting on the couch, in front of the fan, making bracelets. I've got to get the 'memory' back in my fingers. Every day I have to make, make, make. 

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