Sunday, 29 November 2009


I can't say how much I have loved the rain we have been having, especially at night when I am holed up snug and dry in my little eerie. I always remember November as being rainy and after so long with little or no precipitation I am really enjoying it.
I think I have spent just about the whole day on the computer sorting out the Jumble Sale details and making a 'white box' to photograph products and slacking off and gas-bagging with sweet Andrea and eating the chocolate cupcakes she delivered straight from the oven.
It was a busy day yesterday so I have a lot to get done this week. A list as long as my arm!


  1. Raining in Blighty too! Tipping it down in fact!

    Sarah x

  2. It was sunny and hot pretty much the entire time we were in Kyneton and Melbourne. I know you Victorians really needed the rain, so I'm happy for you! We, here in Vancouver, do not need so much rain but that's Vancouver in the winter! Loved your shop - you're a talented girl!


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