Thursday, 31 March 2011


I have to admit I hate reality- Reality TV that is- but I love 'Turn Back Time- The High Street'. I managed to miss the first couple due to prior commitments but have been glued to the show over the last few weeks. It's about the British High Street over the last one hundred years and the changing face of retail. There is a baker, a butcher, a grocer, a dressmaker and a blacksmith. It has human drama, a bit of fun and laughter and really a lot to say about how not all changes in retail have been for the better. Last week (1920/30s) the dressmaker and the bakers both realised that when you are the ones making the product life isn't so easy and in many ways you become a slave to your skill. This week (Second World War) those same people were the ones that got the most out of their trade. I also love the way the townsfolk of Shepton Mallet , where it was filmed, really seem to have got into the spirit of the whole enterprise. And I have to say I love the set dressing, interiors and the costumes.  The closest I'll get to reality (TV).

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  1. Loving the show, too! This version of Reality TV is the limit of my ability to watch - it is so good!


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