Wednesday, 16 March 2011

roll me in axminster

I'm stuck at home waiting on someone coming for a viewing (I'll explain later if it comes to fruition as I think it is rather funny) and then Miss Beck is meeting me for a spot of morning tea so I may laugh at her ever burgeoning (pregnant) tumtum. Of course I should have been in the studio by 9 am but things have been conspiring against me for the last couple of weeks and don't seem to be able to balance what I need to do with what is actually getting done- tres annoying.
I have a looming deadline. It is sitting low over my head like a giant Earth colliding asteroid. Next Friday afternoon I am bumping my stall in to Finders Keepers Market and I feel like I have a major dearth of stock at the moment..... panic stations are definitely about to be hit. Faaaaarrrrrrrkkkkkkk.
Oh well I can only get what I can get done.......
I've decided that we need a rug to go on the stall so after I delivered a giant roll of patchwork to the quilters yesterday I went hunting for a bit of Axminster. If I don't have much stock then I'll plump for a pretty looking stall!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm,

    Love the welsh blanket cushions!

    visualising Granny's axminster, I think it would be perfect but tricky to get it to you in time for the market.....

    Hope you are feeling perkier?

    Sarah x


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