Thursday, 24 March 2011

axminster camouflage

The Axminster has arrived (after I had to do a total 'memsahib' and  coldly inform the carpet shop that they had guaranteed me delivery on Tuesday and as it was Tuesday why was it not ready, I ended up picking it up from the rug overlockers myself yesterday). We unrolled the smaller one and Jethro stepped out onto it with toes splayed, I think he was in sensory overload and pounced around as if he was trying to catch the flowers. I came downstairs last night to discover someone had been taken flying leaps and making the carpet slide across the floor, Jethro and his Magic Carpet Ride. It must be amusing standing outside the shop and watching his antics through the window, especially when he thinks he isn't being watched.
I managed to crawl back into bed this morning with a mug of tea and now of course I am running a wee bit behind schedule, I'm off to pick up a few things and then it's a studio day trying to sort the last of the stock for Finders Keepers. Tonight will be packing and panicking.

I'll announce tonight the winners of the doily tape suggestions this evening.

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