Monday, 28 March 2011

lazy day

What a weekend, meeting lots of bloggy friends, putting faces to names and basking in lovely compliments. Thanks everyone who said hello and sorry if I was a little crazed and vague, it was a full on 48 hours.

Sometimes bed is the best place to be.
By the end of last night I could barely move- two days standing on a concrete floor, lugging boxes and piles of things about, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking had taken its toll. I went to sit down on a stool in the shop last night to sort some gloves and totally missed the stool and ended up sitting in a crate of sandals- a bit overtired I think. Midnight I was popping painkillers and limping around the house. Today I slept in, drank tea, read a book, went to the post office and generally loafed about, I may well do the same tomorrow.

Now better late than never...... time for the announcement of the Doily Tape prize!
Drum roll please......
Outbackgirl please stand up! She suggested using it to mark your suitcase for easy identification on the luggage carousel.
Stompergirl's somewhat timely Xs on your windows during cyclone preparation (and because the Stomper Family is going through a difficult time with Basil the Cat and all our love and best wishes go out to them).
And finally Sarah Jane because she will enthusiastically stick it everywhere!
Thanks to everyone and please email through your addresses so I can mail the parcels out (

Once again thanks to everyone who came to the market on the weekend!

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  1. Maybe we could use your fab tape to prop you up this week! Congrats on a great market and the most beautiful stall there - and your staff - so glamorous! xx


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