Saturday, 12 March 2011

relationship in the making

I've finally succumbed to an early Autumn cold. I have that fine line of sweat on my top lip and a dampness in the small of my back from running a temperature. Oh well, everyone else has been sick. I put it down to dyeing gloves on Wednesday in a muggy fugness, humidity how I hate thee.

Yesterday was spent in the studio, finishing projects and starting new ones. I got thinking (as you do when working repetitively) that starting a new design is a bit like embarking on a  new relationship. You go in full of passion but passion tempered with trepidation and a dash of fear. Then you reach the part where you stand back and wonder at what you have created, you are deeply and overwhelmingly enraptured, astounded at what you have made, in the first flush of love. Sadly those feeling of joy subside as you labour on, slogging through the joyless labour intensive hours of production. Your love has waned. You could shove it all in a box and walk away but you stick to it, you are faithful to this thing you once felt so strongly about. Just as strongly as you once felt love you now feel loathing and hate, you want this thing gone from your life, it's ready and you want it gone, you are so bored with it, the relationship is on its last legs so in an act of mercy you send it out into the world. And like any relationship as soon as someone else wants it, marvels at it, loves it, you start to see it with fresh eyes. You begin to see its good points, how nice it looks and you realise you'd go through it all again. 

On another note the first of this years handspun yarn is in store today. Lovely silk, wool and mohair mixes in a lovely batch of colours. I'll get around to spinning more over the next few weeks. And as the swing tags are finally in from the printers (they delivered them yesterday as I don't think they wanted me to come in to pick them up, two and a half weeks late but finally here) I can start tagging and putting out Autumn/Winter stock out. Of course we are having stunning Melbourne Autumn weather now, skies as blue as a sailor's eyes.

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