Wednesday, 30 March 2011

turn turn

The Sitting Still isn't working well. I'm basically spending my days fine tuning my skill of annoying Anna and Dell. I float about sticking my nose in and making stupid statements about things. I'm in a dreadful mood, acting like an overtired toddler.
Instead of getting anything vaguely productive done I sunk my afternoon on eBay and going for a walk. The leaves are turning and the Garden Show is on, both definite indicators of the Autumn turn. I always feel a little melancholy at this time of year even with beautiful blue skies and long light.
I'm not sure what is on for tomorrow. Laziness or energy? I think I will decide that one in the morning.


  1. Hey! I have a mosaic on my page and I included a photo I took of your doily tree, I hope it's OK with you?

    Let me know if not and I will remove presto~pronto.

    Hope the energy has kicked in again?

    I am melancholy too for no good reason at all as we have had a lovely week of spring warm sun and blossom burstingness.....

    c'est la vie?
    Sarah x

  2. Back of the net.............doily -tastic............yipee...........

    life is good xXx


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