Saturday, 19 March 2011

checking out

It's been hard getting out of bed this morning, yesterday was a hard day, exhausting, lots of running around, lugging stuff up and down stairs and making, making, making.
I've been feeling the shop was very low on some things, especially tea towel cushions, but last night I dragged new stock in and moved stuff about and now I can't seem to find any space to put anything. 
This season's new gloves and wool socks are starting to trickle in. I picked up the latest batch of quilting yesterday and managed to get half of the quilts bound and I've popped a few up in the shop. So checked, so pretty, made from vintage lambswool blankets.Really my head is in a spin from such a busy week, I now feel like I am rambling and blathering.
After last Sunday's Age picture the Cottage has also managed a post on Michi Girl (by the wonderful Miss Leah) and a couple of lovely mentions on the DFiles in Lucy's interview with Fiona Scanlan. Three things in a week..... not bad really!
I've got an exciting something to show you but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. This morning has got away from me again and my typeface on this blog seems to have gone haywire and I am not in the mood to work out why. Perhaps when I press the publish post button it will all be ok

The photos don't do them justice. Jethro has given them the stamp of approval, he really likes them and I am positive he winked at me while lying on one last night (it's his form of a thumbs up signal).
Better run, I have a shop to open.


  1. I have to comment just to say that your patchwork blankets are beautiful. Very. That's all...

  2. Love the blanket! Jethro has a good eye for these things...


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