Thursday, 3 March 2011

change is as good as a wink to a blind camel...

.....hmmm.... that doesn't sound right......
I am a little (make that 'a lot') befuddled today. I was throwing back painkillers and sipping a mug o' tea at 2.30 this morning, I managed sleep but am as creaky and sore as someone who has been lugging furniture, installing shelves and re-doing displays can possibly be. I don't think there is a part of me that doesn't ache today.
Yesterday was the day of the Big Table Swap of 2011. My antique dealing friend lent me a beautiful unrestored Wiener Werkst├Ątte table three years ago (the loan was meant to be for a year....) and when late last year he called to say he needed it back then the hunt started for a replacement table. For a while there I was thinking of using my grandmother's table but one day out hunting we stumbled on a stunning old kitchen table. It may have been covered over with manky lino squares but it reeked 'renovator's delight'. It languished at the studio for months until last week in a fit of frustration I sanded the glue off the top, gave it a good old wax and it was ready to go, then I painted little table's legs and the date was booked for the swap.
One table out/two tables in.
The shop looks same same but vastly different.

I've been waiting for the table swap so that I could put out new Autumn/Winter stock and last night I got the chance. It's mainly cushions at the moment but oh what cushions they are! I am going to write a whole post on my addiction to Welsh tapestry blankets but here is a little taster, they are the cushions in the top half of the photo above, they are fabulous beyond belief, I luuuurve them. And there are new crocheted cushions too. And ultra new hot water bottles with woollen blanket covers.
Now I needed to get the dye pots bubbling.
Back to work!

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