Friday, 11 March 2011

tie me up, tie me down

My apologies people, I don't know where this week has gone.
I promised on Monday evening you'd get to see the contents of the box that arrived and then I just managed to avoid the computer as much as I could this week. Sometimes it is just really nice to cut back on the internet world and that has been how I've been feeling for the last month or so, it's such a time wasting sink of energy sometimes.
Back to the box..... we've excitedly been waiting on a batch of Something's Hiding in Here's Forage bow ties! Shauna and Stephen make the fabulous faux-taches that we've carried in the shop pretty much since we first opened and I really wanted to get the bow ties in for Xmas but the poor loves were totally snowed under with orders but I finally managed to snaffle some for the Cottage. These are the real McKoy, you'll have to learn to tie them if you want to wear them! I've printed out some easy to follow instructions to go with them. Like all Shauna and Stephen's products it's the whole package that is just so fabulous, the boxes these things come in are just amazing. These two are just the total bee's knees pin-up couple, there is a great interview with Shauna on Etsy and a photo spread of their home on DesignSponge- go and have a look!
Back to the bow ties..... we have them in Liberty print or fabulous 1940s cotton plaid. They would be perfect as a boyfriend present, for a wedding or even on some super cute girl doing the whole prim and proper secretary/preppy look thing, of course she/he would be off riding on an old skool treadly bike. Just had a thought.... they would look fabulous with a spot of Harris tweed!

Anyway better run, I'm late for the studio......

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  1. I think Muji would look fabulous in one. Has Jethro tried on one yet, or is he waiting for the next international photo shoot?


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