Monday, 21 March 2011

views on the move

I've managed to do just a bit over 800 kilometers in the last 24 hours, I drove up the Hume late yesterday and back again this afternoon. I caught up with Miss Lizzie Bennett (also known as Charlotte), had an appointment with Ann the Crocheter Extraordinaire and got to meet Marnie who makes our Town and Country Mice. A pretty busy morning. The weather was crazily grey and warm with amazing clouds, strange and zingy but I felt too rushed to enjoy some of the places I quickly stopped at, next time I'll take it slower.
I got home to this and this- Fran, you make me laugh and blush with embarrassment, thank you!
We've got a big week here to get through, lots of preparation to do for Finders Keepers, lots of work to do.  I am looking forward to kipping in my own bed tonight, I think Jethro will enjoy a snuggle and snooze.

Remember! You've got until Wednesday to make doily tape suggestions!

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