Tuesday, 15 March 2011

tuesday already?!

Morning all.
I've been lying low trying to keep access to the TV and internet low, I'm fine with the newspaper but I seem to have a nasty case of Disaster Overload. I am still shocked and stunned but I find myself staring at the TV in horror, it does me know good at all so I have pared it back to the minimum and that needs to be ABC only. I don't want to see Mel and Kochie live from Tokyo, I don't want  to hear the same inane drivel over and over, how dare they send these 2nd rate TV 'personalities' over to disaster zones, haven't they suffered enough? What a waste of resources.
Anyway, there is my rant for the morning. 
On other more local-than-global news Jethro and I spent Sunday in bed trying to break the back of this stupid lurgy I came down with. Still a little sweaty temperature but that is probably more external than internal now. We opened Sunday's Age to find we had stock in the style photo-shoot, bunting and new Welsh blanket cushions (they borrowed 8 cushions and we got one in the shoot.... go figure.... better that than nothing I suppose....)
Yesterday was pikelets and tea in the 'backyard' with Miss Leah and then hours and hours of glove dyeing, washing, drying, pressing and labeling. The first run of loves are in store as of this morning. After over 6 years I have finally put had to put the prices up on the gloves, not much, just a couple of dollars. I feel bad about it but it's a couple of years late as it is. I always hate looking at the glove colours I have chosen at this point, the palette is always a bit all over the place but it will settle down as I start adding more to it. And we have socks too! Dyed wool ones in two lengths and some super stunning over the knee angoras in the natural cream colour, perfect to wear with your Hunter gumboots I hear.


  1. Please tell me you're joking about those hideous channel 7 bogans going to Japan. Please. Like it's a sideshow or something.

  2. I told Simonne to expect Koshie on the doorstop yesterday asking her how she was coping with the disaster... she assured me that she would slap him for all of us.
    I loved the cushion by the way - complete standout. Clearly however the bunting is too cheap, mind don't go putting up the price until i've come over and picked up a few metres.
    good luck with the lurgy lady, the weather is being completely complicit in making us all unseasonably sick.
    oh and I promise i'll visit you this week so you can get a laugh at my barrel belly expense.


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