Saturday, 5 March 2011

when weeks go bad

This week has been a total pain in the pattootie. Not much has gone right, there has been misunderstandings and cock-ups from start to finish. The piece-de-resistance* was turning up late yesterday afternoon to pick up the three days overdue new swing tags from the printers to find they had been badly printed on the wrong card stock. I was so close to crying, screaming, stamping my foot.....
A great end to a fabulous week......
The swing tags should have been the world's simplest printing job and the annoying thing is that I can print better on my little cheapo Pixma printer. In fact that appears to be what I will be doing this weekend, making our new swing tags. It just annoys me that I farmed this job out as a way of taking another job off my plate and it hasn't worked out that way, it's just created even more headaches.
Oh well.
I did get a drive under lovely grey and slightly misty clouds yesterday. I did find a few things at the op shop (although one of my favourite op shops wasn't open due to being flooded last week) and although I did swear no more crockery I did score three Johnson trio sets (cup, saucer, plate) in matching fruit and flowers designs. I couldn't help taking a photo of the doll in the picture as she looked so run-down glamorous even with a dink to the side of her head and a price label looking like a sticking plaster on her cheek. I'm thinking she's Edie Sedgwick after a hard night out. I even love her sleeveless roll neck sweater made from a cut off sleeve. I didn't buy her though. Perhaps I should have.
On the shop front we've got new re-wired vintage lamp bases and lamp cords in and fingers crossed the new batch of pianola shades will be in tomorrow ready for Monday. I have a whole batch of new stock to go out but it will have to hold off until next week (* see above) but we have the fabulous cushions piled high in the window (there in lies another frustrating story of this frustrating week, involving a stylist, a mountain of stock on loan and a return date that is well and truly passed).

Frustrating week be gone! Leave by the door and do not return! Out, out! Get thee gone!
Hey I've got to try something to get this ball rolling!


  1. Oh that IS a crap week. Hope the next one is better. And what a great doll! She really does look like Edie S...

  2. Crossing my fingers for a great week ahead for you, Pen. No probs re: mail/e-mail, take your time... I realise it is probably a big stretch to make it to England but we both wanted to invite you as it's been a long friendship across the blogs and really your suggestion of the blue crystals exhibition helped me realise that he was my guy. It was hilarious standing in the queue for gumboots for walking through the crystal rooms; sharing the right side of the earphones to listen to my soulmate's ipod playlist (the same strange eclective taste) and realising not many people in the world would 'get' this quirky date. It's still very memorable! Anyhoos, best wishes for a relaxed week and hi to Jethro.

  3. Oh bother! What a load of old bobbins - banish bad week, be gone. How do you make a voodoo effigy of a bad week? Maybe you should dash back and buy Edie..... get drunk together and soon it will be Monday......

    Sarah x

  4. Something in the moon this last week? I seemed to have a conga line of buffoons last week at work who couldn't seem to do their job properly, and the only fun bit was tearing them a new one!!! Which is a bit unlike me. It was kind of satisfying.

  5. Ah, yes, one of those weeks/days. I know them well. Have yet to find best way to shake things around to right other than chocolate, lots of it.

    Here's to a good week.


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