Saturday, 26 March 2011

i'm a lot taller than i appear on my blog

So here's our crazy stand at Finders keepers. Swags of bunting, a layer of Axminster, mannequins wrapped in quilts, a tower of pianola shades, a shelf of cushions and bowls  and baskets of stock. Some lovely people said we had the most fabulous stall of all (thank you) and it was all a bit crazy- another one to get through tomorrow!
I am now addicted to Raph's tacos, served from the fabulous Beci Orpin decorated Taco Truck, so if you are coming to Finders Keepers tomorrow join the queue and order one or two or three.... and sit out on the wharf and chow down.
Today has been a huge day, not only FK but also a full page in today's Herald Sun Home section. Anna was flat chat fielding enquiries about the budgie tea towel cushion. I have to admit it never made it into the shop, I made it for myself, I very rarely end up with my own work but this cushion had to stay.

I'm off to bed.
Tired and another big day tomorrow.
Come on down and visit!
The view of the city from the other side is quite intriguing.

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  1. Pen - had to go and buy the Herald Scum just to read the piece. Great write-up.I have feijoas dropping from my tree - will email you this week to see if you want a bag for jam.


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