Sunday, 20 March 2011

extreme doilyism

Many many years ago I moved into the old place on Brunswick Street where I house-shared with a friend Virginia. I moved in first and then a few days later she moved in. I got home that first afternoon to discover doilies scattered on table tops and shelves around the house. I drew a picture of a doilym surrounded it with a big red circle and slashed a big line through it. Doilies banned in this home! Virginia was very nice about it, laughed it off and all was good.
Well those damn doilies have spent the last 20 years creeping up on me. Now they are part of my life, my design practice, but never ever on a horizontal table top! Wrap them around a tree or a rock, print them on a t-shirt or sew them on a cardi, repurpose them a million ways. I swear it is their revenge for my rejection of them all those years ago. Haunting me!
Finally I feel we may have buried the hatchet............ doily sticky tape!
I have an overwhelming desire to cover something completely in doily tape........ if I owned a bike perhaps, a lamp post maybe, my car (Dad would kill me).........
I'll send out a roll each to the three top 'covered in doily tape' suggestions! Posted to anywhere in the world.
I hate blog give-aways but I want to your suggestions! Quick sticks, you have until next Wednesday (23rd March) to tell me!


  1. over the mouths of primary school teachers who say AWESOOOOOME. harsh i know, but i quite fancy it.

  2. Neddy!
    (How could I not say it? But no... I will think of something better).

  3. A wheelie bin?
    A criss-cross on a window or door like they do before a cyclone?
    A wastepaper bin in your bathroom?

  4. in the panels of a wooden door that has seen better days.♥

  5. Around a suitcase or similar when travelling - easy id at carosel as well as vandal proofing

  6. How about wrapping yourself up in it from head to toe and go as a very pretty mummy to your next fancy dress-party???

    you wouldn't have to wax for a while afterward either!

  7. First of all re-purpose Jethro's collar with doily tape

    Next bind the edges of books with doily tape

    Customise favourite pens and pencils with a ring of tape

    use to underline favourite events and birthdays on your calendar

    Shall I stop now? I am beginning to obsess........ customised envelopes would be nice too.....

    doily-tastic xXx

    ps Hope you have written to Virginia to explain that you have seen the light and covered her letter in doily tape? Tee hee x

  8. OOOO it's just lovely!
    Fabulous edging for picture frames, around the top of my boots,
    Oh I would prolly just go mad with it!
    Thanks for a great give away

  9. what about a rocking chair, or if you want a smaller project, a mailbox!

  10. any unwashed creature who chooses to share my train on the way to my place of worship who dares to touch my black and white feathers. appalling i don't have my own carriage by now....colour be gone. it's ANOTHER year of Black and White glory!

    oh and the seat i sit on too....

    and Shirl's eyes so we don't have a repeat of last year's heart attack!


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