Tuesday, 29 March 2011

learning to sit still

I took today off as well..... I feel very naughty. A lovely breakfast with Nikki, a chat with Charlotte, a chinwag with Zara and a bit of fluffing about. And I  finally hooked together the new computer and the old computer, a bit of binary angst and I am now typing away on a spanking new keyboard and admiring pictures on a shiny new screen (the new computer has been sitting in its box for the last nine months.... don't ask.... a tiny bit of technological fear).
I really was at a loose end for most of today, I didn't know what to do with myself. I really am very crap at relaxing, especially when things are going on around me, the shop was open. I had had plans to go out for a drive but I think after a couple of crazy busy weeks I have an overwhelming desire to sit very still for a minute or two. I'm wondering how many days I can justify not going to the studio this week..... it all depends on whether an order of cushion inserts arrives this week or not.
It takes me some time to slow down.

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