Monday, 1 November 2010

drip by drip

Saturday went from busy to dead thanks to the weather. I couldn't help myself, I shut the shop and headed out to walk in the teaming rain. My jeans got soaked but half of me was dry and snug in my raincoat. I hate umbrellas (the devil's stick, I've almost lost an eye too many times to count thanks to short people and their umbrellas) and never use them, water just runs down your sleeve and your arm gets tired. 
As much as this weather is putting a crimp in our spring/summer sales I am loving that the dams are getting topped up more than they have been in years, that the trees and bushes and grass are all green and seem to be sighing in pleasure as they suck up the moisture. Now if we can find the balance between a good soaking and saturated......

Cup Day tomorrow- the Cottage is closed by the way- and I'm thinking of doing a few things around the house/shop. Perhaps a bit of woodwork and painting. I've managed to almost finish the new notebooks, waiting on some things to arrive to finish them off, rivet the new tote bags and almost finish a batch of shibori/ikat purses. Funny how finishing off jobs means the house looks a little cleaner, the half a dozen components are suddenly reduced to a one piece and chaos is beaten back. And I finished the (damn) owlettes finally so the stairs are no longer littered with baskets of unfinished work. Jethro has even helped me change the sheets on the bed, crazy kitten!

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  1. I am treating myself to a shop-a-thon at the Cottage very soon.
    I think I'm going to be quite silly and buy lots....


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