Thursday, 4 November 2010

sock it to 'em

I couldn't decide what to work on- so I started something new.
Probably not the cleverest way to get all that outstanding work done but sometimes, when the brain is  not functioning and there is no focus, having a play can be the only way to go.
I'm so stuck at the moment, flat and frustrated, annoyed and snarly...... and a little worried because Xmas is only a blink away.


  1. Love them!

    Hmm, I have a slow growl of total frustration building in my throut, soon it should be a mighty roar and you will probably hear it all the way over there on Gertrude!

    Stuff the housework stockings are the way forward!

    Sarah x

    ps. Jethro could you push the hoover around for half an hour or so?

  2. They are the most stylish and beautiful xmas stocking I have ever seen!


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