Saturday, 13 November 2010


(I meant to write this post on Thursday but I was just ridiculously tired and misplaced the camera, poor excuses I know.) 

A couple of weeks ago I scored a collection of First World War embroidered silk postcards. These were made in France to be sent home by the troops, silk embroidery on silk organza, many with the panels at the front forming a little envelope for a letter or a keepsake card. This batch were sent either by R Fullingham of the 15th Welsh Regiment or by Tom. Tom's cards were addressed to a Miss Loveless, Station House, Leatherhead, Surrey and always with love- I hope he managed to return to Miss Loveless but the cads were mainly sent in 1916 and feel that the chances were probably, sadly, quite low. 
I'll be framing some of them up to put in the shop, there are birthday and Xmas cards and one that is a stunning 'Souvenir de France' (sent to Miss Lovelace). I don't find these type of things depressing, a little melancholy perhaps, but I delight in the fact that they have been kept and cherished for almost a hundred years and when we take them into our homes we keep their spirit alive, we remember and celebrate their lives and their losses. In Remembrance.

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