Wednesday, 10 November 2010

pretty flowers

I've been playing at being 'focused'.
I worked today on the size 1 and 2 Agatha dresses in the sweet misty blue but haven't even got the 3s and 4s cut out yet. After lunch I pulled out the Agatha blouse pattern to fix up the hem dimensions (it was a bit tight, stupid mistake using a hipless fit model!) and made one up to check it in the lovely new floral I've got in. So pretty. I'm going to make more up in the blue and I have it in a lovely grey/white/yellow colourway as well. Agatha is a really pretty style and although I wasn't going to do it again this year we have had so many requests I decided to pop her back on the rack.
I'm in love with floral cottons at the moment and I have more coming in soon.... trying to decide what to do with them....

Sadly by three thirty this afternoon I was totally out of it. Drowsy and lethargic. I tried tea and Smarties but that only made it worse. Focus gone, everything blurry. Damn.

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  1. Ooh Agatha returns in beautiful summery fabrics, they look divine Penny!

    I should love to see pics of the shop in its early summer incarnation.

    I am gearing up for all the Christmas Fairs I am committed to and wondering why I agreed to them all! C'est la vie......

    Autumn is almost over, gales are forcast so the remaining leaves will be all but gone after the weekend. Still we are lighting the fire every night which I love and I bought some great new fabrics from Ikea yesterday so I shall be playing today!

    Sarah x


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