Saturday, 13 November 2010

stuff it

On Tuesday Anna had to deal with a woman who came into the shop carrying a dog. She didn't ask whether it was alright for her to bring the dog in but she spent 10 minutes berating Anna because we let Jethro sleep on the tapestry pouffés. She said we shouldn't let a cat lie on stock that is 'so expensive'.
I wish I had been there. I think for once I would have pulled out the 'my shop, my pouffé, my cat' line and quite happily pointed out whilst we are dog-friendly and have many canine visitors, most polite people ask if it's ok before entering. (Big hello to Milly, Teddy, Mavis and Bella- and all your nameless friends!)
So yesterday I finished a new pouffé and once I'd finished stuffing it last night I made sure Jethro had a good product test of it. Jethro works hard coaxing people in by looking cute lolling in the front window as his job description includes 'product tester' and 'bait'. We have told every person who has bought a tapestry pouffé that they have been sat on by a cat and not one person has complained.
By the way the new pouffé looks fabulous and if I can get a photo without Jethro you'll be able to see the top is covered with cottages, the sides with flowers, ducks and village scenes. There is another one at the studio that I managed to piece together and cut out before I had had enough of working the sweat shop. It's covered in even more flowers, garden scenes and one panel is a winter wonderland with a deer- not a small lap dog to be seen.


  1. What a mean woman! I agree, your shop, your rules. I also agree, she should ask before bringing her dog in - I work at a gallery and I'm happy for furry visitors but it is nice to be asked first.
    I love going into shops and finding furry helpers :)

  2. I'm always surprised when a dog owner thinks it's okay to bring their dog to my house, when I have a cat. ANd then they look all surprised when I jump up to keep their dog off my cat! Having said that, most dog owners I know are thoughtful and lovely!

  3. Oh dear, this sounds like an advanced case of Sense Of Entitlement. Unfortunately it appears the chances of treatment are slim, with the best hope being management of presenting symptoms, which include a Withering Stare and the Frozen Smile of Professionalism. Administer as required.

  4. The words 'stupid moll' spring to mind.


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