Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The damn hardware shop wasn't open.
It's always the problem when I start doing a bit of maintenance/home improvement, I need to go to the hardware store at least three times.
I started the pegboard for the bathroom/laundry and ran out of the right screws and then decided to use the corner braces that were left over from another job but only had two and needed four. It's almost done but of course I can go no further....
Then I got out the coat-rack-board-thingy that's going to be attached to the backdoor. I had marked where the holes needed to be drilled so I drilled those out, gave it all a lick of paint, started screwing the hooks on to find the screws supplied were about as dodgy as.... well, something extremely dodgy....
So that has sadly had to be propped in the corner with the pegboard. Damn, damn, damn and blast.
The reverse of yesterday's concept of 'finishing projects is a great way to clean up' now seems to be in play- crap everywhere and nothing achieved!

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  1. peg board! Genius, I love Peg Board! I love dandelion fairies too

    Love Sarah x


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