Sunday, 7 November 2010

my life is complete

Ok- a slight exaggeration, my life is far from complete, but it is amazing how happy a pegboard can make me. Pathetic really. And amazingly satisfying. I wandered the house looking for things to hang on my sparkly new pegboard. Those little pegboard hooks make my brain fuzzy but oh what a delight!
Pegboard! Pegboard! Pegboard! You are a thing of joy!

And the coat rack on the backdoor is pretty fine too.


  1. yep - that's what's missing in my life...I feel the yawning gap of my pegboardless wall..... if only I had a pegboard to call my own I could relax, secure in the knowledge that all my dreams have been fulfilled (or something like that....)

  2. Mate,

    A good pegboard could solve world hunger, I suspect.

    What's pathetic about that?


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