Friday, 12 November 2010


Great. It's going to be 32º today..... the studio has been quite nice, holding the cooler temperatures from the last few weeks, but give it a few warm days and it turns into a hotbox. And I have hayfever too. Grump grump.
The warm weather though means our cotton voile dresses and blouses are just perfect (which means I better get my arse into gear and get to the studio to finish more) and the Douglas sandals are more than perfect! Every person who tried them on on saturday wore them out of the shop- I think that is pretty amazing- so while we have stock at the moment if you want a pair I'd hotfoot it to the shop. They make them for us so there is a couple of weeks lag until more stock arrives. Also I am getting the next order to send through to New Zealand so if you have a size/colour request please let us know. At the moment we have up to size 6 (euro 40-41) and are thinking we might order some 7s (42) if people are interested. (We can of course order them in bigger sizes if you have Hobbit feet.)
OK, I've finished with the shop bulletin, I'm off to the studio.
Now where did I put those hayfever tablets?


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