Thursday, 18 November 2010

ich liebe dich

Many years ago, in another life, I got to spend a Christmas in Germany, in a little town just north of Munich. There really is nothing quite like a northern hemisphere Xmas. There was even a particularly spicy  smell, all lebküchen and pfeffernüsse. And the Christmas markets were just magical, glowing in the dark winter afternoons.

I bought a beautiful traditional wax decoration, heart shaped (but I managed to break it),  and saw the stalls hung in gingerbread hearts. So in memory of a wintry white Christmas long ago I've made a range of heart shaped decorations.

They are all made from my collection of heavily embroidered fabrics, backed with the same Swedish linen I've used on the stocking and stuffed with my special spicy pot pourri mix. Cinnamon and clove and orange peel and a pile of other smelly delights.

And of course these aren't just for Xmas- you can hang them in your closet or in the pantry once the festivities are over. A useful decoration!


  1. I'm soooo lucky! My friend just gave me one of these, gorgeous!! Kx

  2. Wow, they're gorgeous, just like the gingerbread ones! It's getting so dark over here...

  3. I love these. The idea of having them full of beautiful scents is so great. I love the idea of hanging them off door knobs around the house. lovely folksy goodness. R


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