Thursday, 18 November 2010

glitter punk

Morning all!
Sorry I've been in a non-chatty mood this week- no reason really, just extraordinarily tired by the end of the day. Getting to studio just before 9am is a killer, it makes the day very long!
I don't know whether I have achieved that much however*. I do seem to be spending money to buy all those bits and pieces I need to finish projects though. Don't fret sequins aren't part of those supplies! I just spied them hanging down at Jimmy Buttons the other day- that place makes my studio and home feel  amazingly minimalist!
A new batch of birds arrived on Tuesday and I managed to get them all out last night. We started, with the first delivery, having them on top of the display cabinet at the end of the big table, then I unpacked more of them and we had to move them to the side table under the clocks. Now I have ended up having to move everything around and filling half of the big table just with bowls of birds.
Freakin' hell- they're taking over!!
Somehow I need to find room to put out other Xmas decorations and new stock.... please come and adopt a bowl full of birds to make my life easier!
Errands to run this morning, then into the studio.

* new tapestry pouffé and a full size range of Agatha blouses in store

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