Monday, 8 November 2010

imitation bluebells

I wish these were pictures of drifts of bluebells but sadly they are just paddocks of Patterson's curse.
I suppose you could view them in a glass half full/empty way, pretty even if they are an introduced plant.
Today's a bit the same, half empty, half full. I've managed to get the washing done, a pile of emails answered but really not much more than that. Mondays are a strange thing at the moment, I've been staying at the Cottage to get things done but feeling naughty for not making it to the studio. Having Sunday as my one at-home-day isn't enough, between the occasional sleep in and running around doing things and seeing people I never seem to catch up. The stairs that got vacuumed last week are dusty again, the kitchen looks even more messy (which is a very strange thing as I have been cleaning and moving stuff around) and I am feeling like an afternoon nap. If I could find one job to settle to I might get a bit of focus to my day but I can't even find where I've put the sticky tape and I seem to have misplaced the glitter.......

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  1. Lovely honey from Salvation Jane though :)


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