Saturday, 6 November 2010

dream kooka

The thought of going to studio yesterday was very unappealing and I had an order that needed to be delivered so after a frantic hour sorting stuff I packed the car and headed off. Everything is so green at the moment, the hawthorns are in flower, the rhododendrons look like showgirl costumes and lilacs and dogwoods and irises and every drought battered flowering plant is giving it a blossomy try. There are paddocks of Salvation Jane (or Patterson's Curse depending on your mood for the day) turning whole hillsides purple and as you round the bend the bright yellow of canolas flowering.
It was a nice day for a drive even if I felt a little shellshocked and out of it. At the start of the day I got to catch up with Caz, in the middle with Allison and at the end with Sonia.

In my travels I spotted this- the most beautiful Kooka stove. I have always loved the Kooka/kookaburra/cooker play on words. I am in total fantasy land lust, I want to build my dream  home around this. Please someone buy it for me for Xmas- I promise I will make cakes for you forever! See the handle sticking out from under the stove part? I have one of those grill pans- I just need the rest of the stove to go with it........ Honestly if I had a spare bit of money I would buy the damn thing and put it in storage.

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  1. I hear you. WE went to the hills behind Bryron Bay for our honeymoon (a long time ago) and staying in a sympathetically renovated farmhouse. There was a Kooka in the kitchen. I was a bit scared of cooking on it, but it did make the kitchen.
    Have a fab weekend.


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