Saturday, 30 October 2010

good things come in twos and toes

Ok- there are actually two chairs. Definitely double the cuteness!
I still need to clean the wood up but I've made the seat cushions for them, from linen tablecloths one Tasmanian and the other Australian wildflowers. A new window display is a must now! I was going to do it this morning but it is so humid I'd probably need a shower after getting all sweaty climbing ladders and vacuuming. There is only an hour until shop time and I am wearing my lovely new white Douglas sandals with my pedicured black toe nails so the window display will have to wait until tomorrow.

Please excuse my toes and another gratuitous sandal photo but they are just so wonderfully daggy (the sandals not my toes!). I'm one of those people who have major shoe issues and the damn things can take months of pain and blisters to finally feel comfy but I have to say my footsies are enjoying this sandally goodness! With the rainy cold weather forecast for this weekend I didn't think I was going to get an opportunity to wear them but it is so ridiculously humid today I've strapped them on. 

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