Wednesday, 27 October 2010

starting and finishing

I've spent the last few days trying to get a few of my unfinished projects finished. The needle books that I have been slowly handsewing on saturdays are finally done. The owlettes are a little closer to being finished. The new plastic laminated totes only need to have rivets hammered in.

I've started work on a new run of Lettie dresses, a new beach-baggy bag, new notebooks but I am feeling very flat, I just can't get enough energy pumping at the moment. I think it's just that it is always a bit of a drag at this time of year and the lack of consistently sunny weather has put a dampener on things (haha).

Xmas must be on the way though- the new coloured limited edition Hookturn Cups have arrived!
Cheery red and dove grey. Come and get 'em people!


  1. what the hell is a hookturn cup?

  2. dont give up-your blogworld makes my day....i so love the first photo....and if you feel down and are going for a drive drive down to fairy cake pond and i will give you a lemonade...oh it just down the road from sorrent.

  3. loving your work even if you are over it Miss P


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