Monday, 4 October 2010

spring clean

I have spent the last two days painting and cleaning the shop and I am about as knackered as can be.
It always starts out small and just blows out into a huge job!
I went out yesterday looking for a little shelving unit and found one but it needed a full paint job, so off to Manfax to look for this green I have been dreaming of for months. Gloss paint- it's a love/hate relationship, in the end I just slather it on, I'm not one for prepping and all that guff and I've been known to paint in cobwebs rather than clean them off! Once the little cabinet was done I took the paint brush to the 'little red table'... which is now the 'little green table'. Then of course the walls needed patching and everything had to come down and be moved around.
By about 6.30 this evening as I vacuumed the shop for the 50th time and mopped the floor and got tangled in power cords I could have cried. The backstage area is still a complete shambles and the stairs are still doubling as a dust covered filing system. There are still piles and piles of work to be done. The washing machine is beeping to be emptied. The car is full of stuff to be carted up the stairs to the studio.
But at least the shop looks a little brighter and smells of freesias and fresh paint.
An early night is a luxury around here but I think it is time for bed.


  1. all that new green for spring - lovely.
    I'm off to bed too, cracking open a fresh book. Pleasant dreams to you Miss Pen.

  2. Mmmm, freesias & fresh paint! Sounds good Pen. That green is delicious & if it make you feel better, I too paint things cobwebs & all. How good is a spring clean. I'm fearing our spring clean, our house is big & rambling & has been collecting dust & cobwebs all winter long.
    I hope you've been soaking up the gorgeous sun we've had. Have a happy week.

  3. So what you're saying is that a clean turned into a renovation....


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