Tuesday, 5 October 2010

jethro is two

Well the little fur chap turns two today.
As I wrote this time last year it's weird knowing Jethro's DoB! He doesn't get any presents but we had a run around the house and a cuddle this morning. He attempted to catch a dove that was on the upstairs front window sill.... lucky the screen was in place otherwise he may have turned into a flying kitty briefly before plummeting to the ground.
I didn't manage to get a ladder portrait of him this year so it's just a couple of snaps of him 'helping' me on Sunday. He is still running vertically up the shop doors and doing stupid tricks on the top (he expects me to catch him if he falls...). He still loves his green beans and dragging his feathered kitten ticklers around the house (I sometimes wake in the morning to find he's brought his toys to bed). I really don't know whether we will be able to trust him to hang in the shop (he ran out the door the week before last scaring Anna who had to chase him down the street). I love the Maine Coon in him, he's quite silly and strong and adventurous, but he's also very sweet and just likes to hang. He's fan club is ridiculous and he wins hearts everyday.


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