Monday, 18 October 2010


I've managed a couple of hours in the studio this morning, mainly because I had to meet the cushion delivery man, but now I'm back at the Cottage trying to sort a few things and waiting to meet the person from The Evil Courier Company to set up an account (oh my that has been a total saga.... it still makes my head hurt thinking about it...).
I had the beautiful new vintage linen cushions sitting at the studio all last week taunting me with their unfulfilled potential. Now they are sitting plumply stuffed in the shop waiting to be put out on the bunk-shelves. Forget all that Marimekko style cotton prints, it's the floral linens that float-my-boat. Yes they are traditional, yes they are nanna but feel the quality of that linen cloth and the muted but luscious colours. These are the type of fabrics that age and grow old gracefully and are all the better for their genteel shabbiness. Much like a Barbara Pym spinster.

Go for a wander today and visit Library Girl and wish her a bloggy first birthday! She owns the best collection of Pym novels around!


  1. i love how you write about things about nanna things...

  2. My gran's entire front living room was done in floral linen.

    I must admit, it's totally working for me.

    I guess it's been long enough...

  3. hey pen, been meaning to tell you that i nearly jumped off my couch a couple of weeks back when i saw 'nina' from channel 10 tv show - filming all around fitzroy, as i know you would know! - wearing a pair of your glorious angora fingerless gloves...very exciting! i adore mine, they make me smile everytime i wear them. (i bought denim blue and hot pink)



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