Thursday, 21 October 2010

captain kangaroo

Think I may have hit the antihistamines a bit hard yesterday. Jethro employed the bite-her and sit-on-the-bedside-table-and-mew manoeuvres this morning to get me out of bed. I could have quite happily slept on and on.
I had one of those days yesterday, standing in the studio and thinking 'oh my, which project to start next...' so I opted for some tea-towel cushions, they are kind of like stretching exercises and I am practising to get in the 'zone' as I have a hell of a lot to do over the next month and a bit. Xmas is coming you know.....
I have decided TNT Couriers are conspiring to send me mad, chipping away at my sanity. It's taken over two weeks and many phonecalls involving me getting very mem'sahib, mainly over conflicting information, to organise to get an account started. I have come to the conclusion that it is one of those businesses which is run with no logic and that includes the courier who yesterday came to pick up two parcels and left with one and didn't return for the other..... See, they want to send me mad!
So off to the studio today and then this evening I'll be going to Magnolia Square to help Miss Ramona sell her lovely flowers!

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