Monday, 11 October 2010

brain melt

I woke up at 6 this morning in a mild state of panic. I knew there was no way of getting back to sleep so Jethro had an early breakfast and I got to the studio by 7.45.
I'm not a morning person.
By 9am I'd almost finished 8 vintage linen cushions, then I realised I had no zips to match and no inserts.  No point finishing them then.
I've had an order for two hundred and fifty metres of bunting niggling at me and as the tape has finally arrived I thought it was high-time to start. Just to keep in with yesterday's nerd theme I worked out the bunting is going to take 280 tea-towels to make.
280 tea-towels.
One hundred metres finished, one hundred and fifty to go.


  1. Go Pen! What's the bunting for? Thinking about using bunting for the marquee wedding next year, or whether it would be a bit much with balloons too. (-:

  2. Wow, am impressed! When you finally finish it all, please post a pic on your blog before delighting your customer! Have been to you shop and fell in love with it ... when are you in Sydney next? Finders Keepers Markets at Carriageworks in early Dec, perhaps? Keep it up, Penelope, you are an inspiration to us beginners out here! Ike x


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