Thursday, 14 October 2010

big frida, little frida

Muchos excitemento at the Cottage this afternoon with the new box of Frida dresses arriving.
Yes- the black Frida dresses are back! Yes- we have the Frida blouses! And biggest, cutest excitement of all was the oh-so-lovely mini Fridas- just like the big ones only tiny! We have one size 2, one 4 and one 6 (at the moment) so if you want to have a whole yummy-mummy-mini-me moment you better hot foot it in quick smart. I'm annoyed all my friends have had boys over the last few years!
Dell and I went through every dress and marveled how every single one is different, it's so hard trying to choose one. The last batch sold out in a day so you better be quick!

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  1. Oh I do love them...but there is no way I can go out today as I am SICK! Of all the rotten rotten luck!


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